Enjoy Life By Living In The Moment

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In these posts, we have talked almost exclusively about investments. Of course that is understandable and expected, since this is a financial planning website. However, today’s post will be a bit different. Here is a short piece from an article I found on an estate planning website recently. The article is called Living In The Moment:

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now.” Great words of advice, but they can be difficult to follow. With the overwhelming number of day-to-day distractions we face, it can feel impossible to simply enjoy the present without worrying.

One way to start living in the moment is to avoid multitasking. By dedicating yourself to one task at a time, you can focus on the present, which lets you fully enjoy your time and clarity. Attempting to do too many things at once leads to mediocre results—and you may find yourself enjoying none of them as much as you could. Consider setting aside your to-do list occasionally so you can simply “be” instead of trying to always “do.”

Take an occasional time-out. Stop whatever you’re doing or thinking about and pause. Meditate. Say a prayer. Take a brief walk. Take a few deep breaths. Count your blessings and re- flect on all the positive aspects in your life. Get off the treadmill of stress just for a moment. When you step back on, you will feel recharged and more able to focus on the present moment.

Enjoy new experiences. Take a class, join a group, or go somewhere you have never been. Trying something new will naturally allow you to push distractions aside and pay close attention to what you are doing—and enjoying—right now.

Life is filled with thousands of moments, and once a moment is gone it can never be recaptured. Make it a priority to let everything else go and truly enjoy as many of those moments as you possibly can.

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